Mike Solodovnichenko

Preferred languages and iOS 9

added 1.oct.2015

In iOS 9 Apple introduced some changes at how NSLocale +preferredLanguages returns languages. It returns strings like en-US, ru-RU instead of en, ru as it used to. Some (looks like a lot) of developers got confused by that, they reported that behavior as a bug, it even broke some codebases. The sad truth is that if this change breaks your codebase, you used it wrong making false assumptions.

Understanding iOS internationalization

added 22.sep.2015, updated 2.mar.2017

I assume reader is already familiar with basic internationalization facilities and approaches used in iOS apps development. The distinctions and details I cover in this article were a bit confusing for me when I first started introducing internationalization in my apps, so I decided to wrap it up for myself and any curious developer.